Tuesday, January 21, 2014

//MZK VID: A/T/O/S- What I Need [Jazz/Bass/Experimental/Soul]

Before I go into this video, I'm going to go ahead and note how good it feels seeing how far Deep Medi Musik has come- from putting out the simplest of dubstep beats by the likes of Kromestar and Mala to dabbling in some grander-than-life experimental outfits. This is where we go into who and what A/T/O/S are... well, I don't really know. A quick search suggests they're a London outfit following the same pattern as BadBadNotGood, The Submotion Orchestra and the legendary Cinematic Orchestra. While not new, per say, the music still speaks for itself: utilising Jazz instruments and updated UK bass culture rythms still sounds sick as fuck.