Tuesday, January 21, 2014

//SPCL: Pointless 21st Century Truths and Post-Fiction

As a self-proclaimed new-gen villain, I tend to pride myself in the idea that I am able to take honesty and the truth in its coldest indiscriminate state, when it's stripped down to the what's, who's, why's, when's and where's. My head, having inhabited my rectal cavity, takes itself usually seriously in that matter. I tell poor acquaintances that I don't like to watch or read fiction but I, disappointingly, don't find myself reading facts and statistics very often. There's a whole line of documents on wiki-leaks that I'm not playing jazz music at noon and skimming through. Though I might not find myself attracted to the classic forms of sensationalised story-telling, I still find myself seeking emotional-narratives in the information I read. And this is probably something the last line of Orwell readers should check to see if they're guilty of.

To try and illustrate where the fuck I am in this world I'll have to split down the mainstream audiences into a bunch of generalised categories. First we start with the Classically Sensationalised crowd- the average reader or viewer that predominantly seek emotion off, mostly, fictional narratives. We all watched television because of the warm fuzzy bi-curious feelings Will Smith gave us as a relate-able fictional character in an extravagant universe where black people can magically sustain a rich and happy household. It's easy, it's simple and emotion captured in writing, music or a combination of such media. It panders to the truths we wish are true and that's groovy, dude.

Then there's the militarised truth. Armed to core, the publicised news since the invention of propaganda had us believing that the real world is a place where villains existed. Not villains like me, mind you- villains like Stalin, Hitler, Bin Laden and Galactus (villains who may have been well dressed but nowhere as cool as me).

What the Fuck do you think we're arming space for
These villains serve as the opposite of Pinup models- posters of people to hate and remind us that our perceptions need things to antagonise. Things do indeed go wrong and we can only have control in what happens through state intervention. That's cool too, but forunately we've struggled to bash past the fear into a time of 'love'.

This leads me to the New-Age Positivists. I don't think the On-The-Road-ers or the Love Hippies were all about bringing down 'the man'. They were about escaping the feeling of fear and repression. We seem to forget those generations were exposed to so much of the color red that they found themselves moving towards the opposite. Enter the green movement, organic fundamental agriculturalists that found their own happy narrative in recycling, being grass-roots active and peacefully fighting GMOs and Corporations (whatever that means). Since then we've come a tremendous way, in the process proving C.M. Woodhouse in the preface of a reissue of Animal Farm to be mistaken. The world's ruling machine has not stopped growing in a way we can now face. It has merely gone underwater and become a complex robotic whale-like creature that subtly sends waves into the waters we drink and still, for some reason, hold to be safe. We swim in these waters and somehow think just because we can look at the sky, we can take solace in the safety that our world beneath the ocean-level holds no dares.

It is important to remember that in the meanwhile, classic sensationalism had morphed into something quite beastly- a perpetual shock machine to constantly inject a certain level of emotion into mass populations without ever stopping, only increasing the dosage. The Shock Doctrine takes new faces in the form of Dubstep, rappers and a twerking 22 year old. Why else would we be two-words short

of idolising a self-titled messianic figure for fucking Kim Kardashian while having almost no opinions about an insider that threw his own ass under a bus for bringing truly perception-changing information to readers like me (note that Kim Kardashian's ass is way hotter than Snowden's glasses. Whistleblowers need a change in P.R. strategies).

This finally brings me to the category I realised I fall into. A combination and redaction of all these things. Walking contradictions of all the truths and fictions put into the world. Where there was a color-wheel, is now all black and/or white. The truth we find underwater can be marketed and sold to us by way of stoned hipsters travelling to Sierra Leone or by way of angry fundamentalists chilling outside of Builderburger Hut. Our truths can be given to us by way of jokes or hammers- usually both. We're the internet natives, the tumblrbots or 4channers, and the line between our truths and fictions can be very much blurred. Our complex potential for knowledge matches our sophisticated taste in arts to create a new level of post-fictionalised sensationalism- both of which just about touch upon the core of what truth is.

The truth is that the world, pretty much, has been at state of perpetual World War III for decades now but at the same time, there are signs of major spiritual reforms and there always has. We've been fighting forever and we've been, increasingly, distracting ourselves from the silence forever. That's the truth: silence. Truths indicate to things happening, a mere stating of facts gives a cold feeling because there is no emotional narrative to complement (other than the ones we all individually give ourselves in order to make sense of, what is really, just existence).

Truth and Honesty comes raw, like the face of whatever it is you eat- sushi or cauliflower. I know now that true villainy is having the rights to that information, data, knowledge, facts, statistics or whichever whenever and wherever it is wanted and being able to subject people to the selected colors of it. Fake Villainy is sitting in your underwear typing a half-baked letter to all interested.