Saturday, January 4, 2014

//SPCL: Post-Grad Queries

Okay, I'm done with College, now what? 

Whether your experience at the giant-book-store was well-enjoyed or not, you need to remember that it's just a phase. It's a life-shortening, time-wasting one but a phase none-the-less. You're going to need major re-orientation once you leave. It's usually best to secure yourself a worthy amount of Medicine for you to intake (Alone) at a time of your choosing. Take as much time as needed for it to settle in that you are now officially an adult by society standards- you need to make your own living. I now realise I undersold the importance of being alone throughout all this. It is very important because you don't want to get sucked up into the Vampire-time-format.


Yes, once you're out of college you immediately become fresh pickings for vampire people. They live nocturnally so they cannot function during the day and flump into a wad of jelly once the sun rises. So, since Vampires are also homeless (for some reason), that means they need furniture to flump on (which, in this case, is yours). Once you invite them and they sleep over, it's almost impossible to get them out. Trust me, not even throwing garlic at them is enough to drive them out. This is, also, taking into account that you realise you've been fitted into the vampire-time-format.

Remember that while Vampires are cool to hang out with every now and then, it eventually ends up the same: they're no where to be seen when you're sober and they're always there when you're not.

Then what Time-schedule should I adopt?

I don't know, that's sort of your job, dude. It's incredibly immature to ask a guy running a blog about Villains questions on life-management. It all really depends on your source of income- get one that doesn't blow and base what you do around it. It's important to note that I call it a 'Source of Income' because as modern world economy winds down into a shit-Jacuzzi, people (you) will start doing anything to grab as much money as you can before the concept of currency itself becomes as outdated as paying for music. 

If you just happen to be within the small group of people that don't give a rat's ass about money then, first, well done. Second, rejoice because even though you're a bum it's soul-enriching to know that all your family ever cared about was money- it's a disease it is. Speaking of bums and Soul-enrichment...

What about Bums...?
Well, it's not like I wanted to talk about it but it's important to note that proceeding your liberation you'll soon realise that your immediate surroundings have turned into a larger-sized prison facility. It's okay, do not panic and pack your bags because no-matter where you go you'll see it. Just swallow the totalitarianism and move on, mentally. It's really not a big deal if you have a decent amount of martial arts skills.

It is important to learn how to keep your head low and keep your primary principles intact. Do you remember that time in high school when you had your first philosophical epiphany and thought you were a deep-talking hot-shit for a year? Well, re-evaluate the principles that still apply today and remember to note them everywhere you go until you never forget the most important principle of forever ever.

What is the most important principle of forever ever?

It is the principle of absolute self-confidence. No matter what anyone tells you, you need only listen to your own damn gut. Your gut, in it's most basic and purest state, will lead you in the right direction. It just has to feel right. This is not disobedience of the system at hand but rather the quiet dismissal of authority. Once you become your highest authority, it'll become easier to decide where to go in life and how to deal with earth at large. Remember, we're always right behind you.