Sunday, January 19, 2014

//VG: Save Mr.President [Indie game/follow the link]

Mrpresident9It must  be tough as hell being a secret service agent. At any point and place in time- someone out there could be looking to assassinate the man you've swore to protect. And at times, it'll be only you that stands in the way between him and the bullet. Which, I guess, is why it was a great idea to make an indie game where you do just that. 

You play a secret service agent and, in this mindfuck of an exercise, you get to take a bullet for the president (ingeniously named Mr. President)as he keeps fucking walking in awkward directions throughout his election campaign. It's like Pepsi-Man for Afghans. You'll have to know the controls very well though and have superb timing in order to catch that bullet, bro. And if you don't, then that Whitney Houston song will be for nothing.