Tuesday, February 4, 2014

//MZK: Solvent- New Ways Album (OST to I dream of Wires) [/Experimental/I.D.M./Synth/Chiptune/Bleep]

Damnit, it's so rare a documentary pops up that I actually want to watch. And like most of those, I still can't get my hands on it. I'm stoked to just hear the soundtrack of it though- a sonic synth-orgasm of sounds by long-time heavy-weight electronic producer Solvent. This is the kind of organelectronic madness that just isn't cool anymore- something too nerdy for the 'Geek' t-shirt wearing crowd. The documentary isn't just scored by a Gear-techie either, apparently interviews with musicians such as Trent Reznor and Clark are to be seen within the documentary also beside leading synth-industry professionals. Not to mention a crazy 4-hour in-depth version showing off all the cool Moogs.

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