Wednesday, April 9, 2014

//K+: Transmission 002- Geir's Death To EDM Mix [Techno/Minimal Tech/Schranz/Club/Future Bass/Future Garage]

I'm still, honestly, surprised at how long the current Electronic Club Scene has managed to stay relevant. It was only around 6 or so years ago where the very people that are claiming themselves as 'ravers' were rejecting electronic music's validity- emphasising how synthetic the sounds were. Now those synthetic sounds are everywhere. I thought the current wave would bring out the best that electronic music had to offer before its decline in the 90s but all it did was bring out the worst of it: the narcissistic Rock-stardom of the obnoxious club Jockey with the unnecessarily giant set, the over-digitised-and-over-mastered stock sounds lacking tact or rhythmic freshness or subtlety, and the commercial label that is 'E.D.M.' I think this is, primarily, where this set comes from. Made of sounds I've come to find and collect beneath the Beatport-controlled stream- this set puts together what I think is, probably, the proper way to 'Rave'- made for people who understand the term and know it from their assholes. A quick set made devoid of your traditional equipment, software, keys, beat-matching or any of the other needless performance nonsense your DJs will bullshit you to believe. This set was quickly improvised on Ableton Live 8 using an APC40 with few return effects and goes out to those who enjoy the sonic power over average anal retentive boring cookie-dough-cutter sets.