Sunday, April 6, 2014

//MZK: Emmure- A Gift A Curse [Djent/Technical Metal/Thrash/Metalcore]

I'm pretty positive I'll lose the small fanbase I already have by saying this: I don't mind Emmure. I mean, we are going to be civil about this and rate the band solely based on their music and not on the dumb shithead antics of the actual band members (Wigger Extreme much?). Look at it this way, it's like listening to the spiritual legacy of Limp Bizkit. Even if they're not, at all, the most innovative or deep- their music serves simply as guilty pleasure. Something to blow hot steam up a girls skirt or show off your complete shitheadedness to. If you can't admit that then you, my friend, need to re-evaluate how you view music.