Sunday, April 27, 2014

//MZK VID: Drake- Worst Behavior

As much as I try to keep my declarations of 'no-frontage' at a minimum I'll have to, sadly, state it once more for this occasion. A few days ago marked the dropping of Drake's 'Worst Behavior' video. I've heard the song before on the album and never payed a mind to it. Now, along a different path it's contextualised. The angst and allegiance to chaos rings a bell like none that Drake has in the past. Sure, it's most probably a black-block persona put on as  means to toy with all of our love for the outlaw. Here's the thing though: who's not an outlaw nowadays?

Some could say it's the view I'm used to- waking up every morning to a biblical-sized set of ethical commandments I'm instructed to adhere to might be a view most people in the world are familiar with. The 80% live in the world that this song echoes from (or at least pretends to).