Saturday, June 21, 2014

//MZK ALBM: Wipeout Pure Soundtrack [Acid House/Electro/DnB/Breakbeat/Trance]

You still can't say I do nothing for my fanbase. This should serve nicely for those looking for a trip down Electro-lane. There's a weird 2 second repeat at the end of some tracks but it shouldn't be much to complain about. The album's sort of free to listen to, after all.

Aphex Twin – Naks Acid
Cosmos - Kinection
DJ Tiesto - Goldrush
Drummatic Twins – Twister
Elite Force – Cross The Line
Freq Nasty – Grand Theft
Friendly – We Got Juice
Jay Tripwire – Room 2
LFO – Flu Shot
Ming + FS – Hellion
Paul Hartnoll – Ignition
Photek – C-Note
Plump DJs - Black Jack 3
Rennie Pilgrem & Roxiller – Bug
Stanton Warriors – Night Mover
T Power - The System
Tayo Meets Acid Rockers Uptown – Crafty Youth
Themroc – Meanred