Thursday, June 19, 2014

//VG: Dafuq, No One Told Me Wipeout Might Be Making A Comback

Anyone who isn't ready to admit the Wipeout franchise are the most sophisticated and awesome racing games of all time need to stop reading this right now. I've been a fan of the series since my days as a youngin in de ol' naughties and I'll never stop being so. So it only logically follows that when I heard of the Sony Studio Liverpool disbanding I cut holes into my forearm and went into a Death Cab hole of depression (also known as as a DC-Hole). I spent many a time figuring out how to show my tribute to the legacy that is Wipeout and I routinely checked on any news of the franchise being picked up by any of the spin off studios that resulted of the shutting down of Studio Liverpool. Well, behold:

About a month ago, the Sixthaxis claimed that many games might be greenlit for the next wave of PS4 showcase titles. One of which being a new Wipeout that might fall into the hands of ( you guessed it) one of the spin off studios such as "Sony London, Evolution or Firesprite". 

Hard to swallow? After All- rumors exist all the time. But what if I were to tell you +reaches for another link+ that artwork leaked showed concept for an updated Wipeout game before its demise?

New images show ‘Wipeout’ on PS4 before the game was cancelled

New images show ‘Wipeout’ on PS4 before the game was cancelled

Not so far-fetched now is it? A game with this much invested in development cannot simply fall through development cracks and disappear into eternal ambiguity. A game franchise like Wipeout has too much of a history and cult fan-base for any responsible Marketer to let go of- especially during a the start of a re-trending sci-fi/futurist movement.