Tuesday, July 8, 2014

//NEWS SPCL: Israel is 'Removing The Gloves Against Hamas'

Hope you don't mind me getting a bit political here as I digest this news story. The phrase 'Removed The Gloves Against Hamas' is sort of a funny thing to hear because as far as I can tell (as a, relatively, oblivious news reader)- Palestinian 'Militant' groups have been having their asses handed to them for quite a while. Hell, here are some stories of raids over Palestine here, here and here illustrating ways these 'gloves' have sort of been off for a while now. And this has been happening despite of any shelled attacks on Israel.

Also as we have, by now, established the definition of what a 'Militant' is (anyone over 18) we're now looking at a story of people that are, simply just, being killed. One should not take this as proof that I am pro-Palestine or any of the such (because as far as I'm concerned, I don't take sides). This quick article only exists to give a quick demonstration on how to quickly and critically analyse news stories. Also, real quick- anyone else think it's in hilariously bad taste to edit this news bulletin with Samsung's financial state?