Wednesday, June 3, 2015

//SCISPCL: Mindsplosion- Milk Is Not Good For You?

Never trusted this dude
I've been reading about this for quite a while (meaning a handful of questionable web pages) and the nerdy word on the street is that, even little-to-not-processed cow milk is actually not-so-good for most animals, let alone mankind. As a big supporter of the white gold and a former avid consumer of titty-milk I will be first to say that this breaks no one's heart like it does mine. Everything I've come to know about the world has been a lie, everything is topsy-turvy and I can never really look at food the same again. Now, not all dairy products are bad- yogurt is shown through studies to actually help aging and bone strength but the original deal seems to do the opposite such as:

- Cause inflammation in many parts of the body (all milk)
- Offset the effects of many carcinogens (all milk)
- create stomach problems (all milk)
- weaken bone density (mid/high processed milk)
- encourage many types of cancers, including colon and ovarian (all milk) and
- is the reason why your girlfriend doesn't want to do it from behind after a bowl of cereal (all milk)

I'm not saying we should ban milk but maybe this is the best time to fulfill my life-long dream of shooting it all into space to create a literal milky way.

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