Friday, June 19, 2015

//VIDSPCL: Alex Jones and My Not-So-Deep Dystopian Thoughts

Alex Jones, in many ways, isn't too far off from born-again muslims that teeter on the boundaries of Jihadism. Sort of like my former-stepfather who happened to call me a few weeks ago on my day off (Like I have any of those?) and try to dissuade me from going to France by calling me an infidel, a drug-dealer and a whore-monger. The fact that I was chilling at a pool with half-naked girls and flying high on a bunch of pills at the time didn't discourage me from intellectually battling him by hanging up the phone. Not that Half-naked girls constitutes them as whores or me wilting away on drugs make me a drug dealer but..I don't remember what my point was. Why'd mom have to marry such a weirdo?

I can imagine all the middle-aged libertarians (is that what they are?) nodding their heads in approval as they listen to Jones try to lecture Shaq's voicemail. I can also imagine Shaq's bewildered face as he listens to the message that's interrupted his lab-made gourmet burger. Shaq and I have similar lifestyles during the day. Alex Jones is that guy who, to every college student, makes sense until they learn more about the contemporary world and see that things just do suck way beyond a collective of shadows trying to preserve their own authority. Things suck to the level that we're all really complicit in a world where people do needlessly starve. However, are we indeed ready to send over the money I we made sticking things inside ourselves on tumblr?

 The fact that he's made so much money off this show is quite insane. It's a whole media empire. Prisonplanet and Inforwars, both run by Alex Jones' brigade, generate quite a considerable income through ads for questionable products (health supplements and apocalypse-ready gear stockpiles?). Also the countless blogs, websites, movies, books and products Jones' is responsible for is so absurd that I'm surprised he wasn't used as a case study in my marketing and Campaign classes back in college. Alex Jones' goons also have the strange ability to call themselves 'Press', which in theory might make sense until you realise that technically also makes the elves that write those Buzzfeed videos Press as well. This is a whole industry run on accusations so ridiculous that the stranger-than-fiction world we live in usually makes them actual somehow. Meanwhile Jones is able to gloat off the vague predictions he made years ago that have come true. Jones predicts things in the same way several holy books and ancient religions predict orgies and people getting high. Yes, we all like to fuck and do drugs, and global socioeconomics do tend to take turns for the worse. Class warfare is not something unique to the future. In fact, class warfare (or wars in general) are things that happen quite regularly. By opening up a history book that doesn't come written by your favorite unqualified celebrity you can get a grasp of how far back we've been waging in pretty nefarious behavior as a community.

There's always been an elite of bald out-of-shape seniors planning things out for the rest of us because, truthfully, we're quite too ignorant to know any better. That's what they do, they're smart- thus their out-of-shapedness. You don't have time to work out when you're busy trying to make sure the world doesn't spiral out of control. Putting ethics aside I will, indeed, state that the overwhelming majority of people are too ill-equipped to deal with the necessities of running the insane world we've been born into, let alone decide its fate. Most can't comprehend the grave nature of some of the problems we face. Alex Jones' show is, I can't believe I'm saying this, too tame in its portrayal of the possible future. Its cartoon-ish depiction of a future straight out of Day Of The Dead does little service to the world we might all be living in. It'll probably be something more out of Ghost In The Shell. Imagine what remains of us outfitted with cheap cybernetic parts made by Daiwoo or something, cramped into small compartments and trying to make peace with the natural world of garbage we've made. Not so bad now that I actually think about it.

I usually try to stop myself from being this bleak but there's little you can do to stop your subconscious from from spilling out on occasion. We can keep trying to paint the world in black and white or actually accept the world with the colors it has, no matter how shitty and non-complementary. Alex Jones' show favors a world with ethics when the very nature of such thing is called into question more and more as language loosens. Ugh. This is too deep and not-fun. I'm ending this conclusion and wrapping up this post.