Sunday, July 19, 2015

//MZKRVW: BADBADNOTGOOD & Ghostface Killah - Sour Soul (full leaked album) [Rap/Hip Hop/Old School/Funk/Psychedelic/Fusion/Ballroom Jazz]

I haven't heard anything this majestically hip hop since Blackroc. Now while that album played on the broken blues angle to give itself a jilted vibe for rappers to get grimy to, the jazz outfit BADBADNOTGOOD swings for the very subtle sound-track type psychedelic funk/fusion/ballroom that 90s era East Coast Hip Hop drew so much of its bravado from. This isn't the first time I've heard of them working with rappers, a few years ago they teamed up with Tyler for a random collaboration that I'm sure is on this website somewhere. Also, I haven't heard from Ghostface Killah in a while, it's strange hearing his voice again and even weirder when you consider that MF Doom (whom one without rap-trained ears can confuse Ghostface for) is somewhere on this album too. It only figures since this is, undoubtedly, a very political album- Doom must have felt his krs-one-sense tingling and just showed up to the studio. Or maybe Doom just can't pass up on being a part of a monumental Hip Hop team-up. Seriously, Doom's name and info must be on every producer's checklist on how to make a timeless classic.

I'd say this album carries a punch and smoothness I haven't heard from recent-white-people-team-up-with-black-rapper duos like Run The Jewels and Girl Talk/Freeway but it almost sways in that direction. Luckily it has an understanding of what makes for a relatively short (33 mins) and smooth album with a nostalgic edge. You could say this is what the latest Kendrick album would've sounded like had it been 100% dedicated to its Blacksploitation-era sonic themes. Because both these acts have their own unique flares, this album still stands out on its own and, most probably, will shine for a decade the same way Madvillain still shines.