Wednesday, September 30, 2015

//FLM RVW: Quentin Dupieux's 'Reality' and Dream Cinema

We have effectively left reality. If art imitates life then Mr. Oizo's latest film, Reality, portrays a world where things don't make sense any more. It's a line of these movies really; Reality, The Editor and Turbo Kid. These movies aren't just synth-backed and totally disconnected from what we've come to know. But they're probably the most interesting things I've watched this year. But what makes all this even stranger is that these movies seem more grounded in waking life than most of the time I spend awake. Dream cinema cements my opinion that life is, indeed, stranger than fiction.

Kuwait is really hot and polluted all the time. I'm losing my hair.

I want to say that the titles I mentioned earlier reflect how we've moved away from the tediousness that is worldly physics and entered another collective dream state. But I think we've all been there for a while. It only took a Mr. Oizo movie to bring it out.

Mr. Oizo. I have my own surreal bone to pick with you.

I was 9 when I was first introduced to Flat Eric. A yellow thing that bounces around to Electro music and smokes Sausages. It also signs documents and has its own secretary. Now it's 15 years later. You show up just in time to remind me where I am and where we are. Feels like I'm Flat Eric now. And you have a filmography

Vaporwave. Oh god. Is it serious or is it not? Is it cool for us to be this double-thought about a joke genre? It's heartfelt but we're meant to make fun of it? Sort of like Reality- a movie that only goes half way to saying something but finds it okay to sit in its own disconnected joke. Or am I the joke for watching this? Are we all the joke for watching each other? Are we all jokes to one another?

 The animated corpse of the thing we call humor is the only tool a doomed disfranchised society has left to express its sorrow with.

Reality is only troll-like in its exploration of cinema. I bet Quentin can't believe that someone keeps financing his films. God must be the Mr Oizo of consciousness to keep allowing for these movies to be made. A troll creator that is in constant driving force of inventions that make movies seem more realistic than not.

Have you taken a look at your Twitter timeline recently? Oh my. We, definitely, have exited reality.

And I'm going bald too. I stand laughing in the shower holding clumps of my own hair. At least I smell good at the end.

The Editor almost assures us that it is a parody. But then it veers off into pastiche territory. Then it veers further off into its own dream-state. I guess nobody can resist breaking off into their own private world. An early 80s giallo joke that just can't help but make a Darren Aronofsky impression. In the meantime I'm lost in translation.

Turbo Kid, another 80s themed movie about a dystopian future where everyone rides bicycles, hinges between parody and otherwise. It seems the most balanced. But it is only when you realise the whole scenario takes place in someone's distant childhood do you understand that it is the worst offender. Not that I hated it. I liked it... if it's okay to, still, say that about a movie like this. I feel like it isn't cool to like things any more. To just be entertained by the notions and aesthetic of it. Dream cinema has me so distanced away that to admit my liking for any of these visions would be to feed the creators' egos and say it is okay to wander this far away into nostalgia.
Maybe it is?

Reality appears to be set in the present but everything in it oozes of early 80s nostalgia. The cars, the clothes, the colors, the decors. I can't explain Reality without sounding like I am an art student trying to explain an acid dream I had. It's about a French cameraman in the U.S. trying to get a film made (which we can all relate with, right?) about television sets making people's brains hemorrhage. This must be a self-parody of his film Rubber-  where a serial killer car tire haunts a community. But I'm not too sure.. A film about killer TVs is only so far off- except that this film has already been made in Reality. But not yet. I told you it's hard to explain. 'Reality' is also the name of an in-movie character that is a little girl that finds a cassette tape inside a Hog's intestines... Oh and Eric Wareheim is a cross-dresser that drives an old army jeep... yeah, we're totally being fucked with here.

Reality is Napoleon Dynamite gone Wrong. It even has Jon Heder in it.

While most of us are okay with things not making sense. Some still insist on trying to break the code of various things that warrant thought- such as this movie, no doubt. I read up on it and one of these someones wrote something about Reality being a satire of movies like Inception. Dream Cinema parodying Dream Cinema? I must have missed when we passed the threshold.

I usually do that. I miss a lot of things. Things go over my head quite a lot.