Wednesday, October 21, 2015

//EDU SPCL: Organised Chaos, Disorganised Chaos & The Dissembling of Modern Art Culture

It is assumed, in the post RocknRoll age, that the need for punk culture and rebellious attitude is a given that we take for granted. However, it is noted there exists a double-think regarding the treatment of such culture. Even the most mentally-broadened can be quick to lay harsh judgement and think ill of those that speak or act in a manner that is able to touch upon the most taboo parts of our accepted social and verbal vernacular. No matter whether intended as a satire and parody or not.

Look at how smart I am using big boy words.

The working definitions for satire and parody that I'm referring to is the imitation of a body of work or idea and its ridicule (in a, usually, exaggerated manner) in order to evoke an emotional response, ideally ending up with some kind of reform.

It shouldn't be too difficult to understand a response a person or community has when confronted with a challenging, dissident, insulting or repent-less action. Naturally, everyone's inclination is to defend their own beliefs because our beliefs are a developed part of the self. They are as important to the human intelligence as an appendage is. And even more confusing is the difficult ability to classify these threats as being organised or dis-organised chaos, if chaos at all.

A chaos will happen outside the realm of total control. Once you realise how hard it is for anyone to exact total control over situations and people, you understand the scope of chaos. Organised chaos can be seen as the chaos a paradigm can account for. Juxtapose this to the idea of standard deviation that you learn in Statistics. The government has come to understand and create space for the voices of wiki-leaks, anonymous, Snowdens and the such in the internet age and an effective system will always find a way to give enough space for threats and weaknesses.

Disorganised Chaos however? Oh boy. It is near impossible to account for such a thing. During the Classic age of science mathematicians such as Galileo would try to exact a mechanical replica of the earth's forces using gears and machines but would never be successful. It wouldn't be until Newton came along to identify the existence of Occult Forces.

Don't freak out.

These just refer to things that we can't see and, thus, will have a hard time in trying to understand since it is beyond the realm of our current understanding. Disorganised Chaos is an occult force. Even a mutation in genetics can, seemingly, be unknowingly triggered outside the comfort zone of scientific prediction.

We don't know what can cause a troll to jump onto a positive-body-image blog and compare larger-than-average girls to sea mammals but it does happen. While these things can be, over time, accounted for by system developers and the inhabitants of the intertubes, over time different forces of D.C. emerges. Some will be brutally difficult, harsh, inane, ignorant and non-sensical on the surface while others could be as subtle as one out-of-context-word that can change the discourse of an entire thread.

We just don't know when that shit happens, ya dig?

Now. While we can argue on whether the need for such hateful voices are important. My money is on the forces of chaos being completely vital and an integral part of society. The absurd lengths that new age spiritualism has gone through needs a contrasting absurdity to challenge its movements and highlight its flaws. Because even something that is, originally well-intention-ed, can reach fascist,ignorant and/or completely delusional heights. A feminist movement needs to be challenged by something such as the meninist movement. Body-image supporters and voices need trolls to challenge their opinions less they become lazy and lulled into a false sense of righteousness. This is because a valid cause for change or opinion survives (or even grows) in the face of defiance. The people who champion their beliefs loudly need to face the reactionary forces as a rite or passage and be able to separate those that can sacrifice for a cause and those only in it for the status.

The power of this anarchy is more vital than we give credit for. It is because it hurts accepting that we need a Trump to show Americans what they've slept on for so long that it is, more necessary than ever, to be able to rebel against and question ANY idea or school of thought that emerges. It is the answers and discussions that one will have over these ideas that create something that will to stand the test of time.

So without further ado:

Fuck the liberal arts. Fuck your paintings, your music, your books, your philosophies and everything you bore me with. There is nothing more that I regret than steering my life in the direction of such bloated and self-dick-sucking non-sense. Where the arts were once had enough sense of self-awareness to understand its place in community now is submerged in a world of warrant-less self-indulgence and intolerant tribal incestual fuckery. The same goes for musicians, movie makers and writers.  Fuck Gogh, fuck Picasso, fuck Gerogia O'Keefe, fuck Chuck Palahnuik, fuck Bret Easton Ellis, fuck Wilde, fuck Kubrick, fuck Jodorowksky, fuck Tarkovski, fuck Aphex Twin, fuck Flying Lotus, fuck Minor Threat, fuck Joy Division, fuck it all and fuck me also. If any of them were here and wanted an opinion on their work I'd tell them to suck my ass. I tell myself to suck my own ass most of the time. I am ashamed that I'm lulled into a sense of pride over the likes and praise my work gets because I know all it took for me to churn it out was a few hours of messing around in a computer while drinking juice in my room in my mom's house. I am unemployed and add virtually nothing to my immediate surrounding but my existence and my 'energy'. Your work and my work is virtually meaningless. We barely help the world. We need to get real jobs, folks. All this dick sucking is not good for us. You're a crying gaping vag for hating what I have to say and get over it.

With much love meant.

Thank you.