Tuesday, January 26, 2016

//MZK: Decomposition Of Entrails - Epicyclic Biomorph [Brutal/Guttural/Technical/Death Metal/Grindcore]

Check it out, there's lyrics too:

A nucleus pulsates in the maelstrom of temporal events
The fabric fibers obduces a horrid bacterium
In the unfathomable darkness there is a process of the world's creation
An entity of planetary scale is born
The being receives consciousness
The being forms organics shell around itself
The formed ganglion reproduces simulacrum of a supramental fetus
An ancient mind is integrated in a powerful module
A deity of other worlds settled in the cluster of organic mass
The biomorph acquires enormous power in deep expanse
The epicyclic biomorph imbued with the apocalyptic spirit
The epicyclic biomorph - the ruler of the kingdom of organic
It is the personification of the greatness of the ancient world
Fluxes of the cosmic wind dispel the ashes of the dead tissue
Unclean energy fills the abode of the semidarkness
–°osmogenic divinity among the dead space