Monday, October 10, 2016

/KPLUS/MZK/ Morgve- Adam's Raise (From New LP ' テロ42Ø ') [Witch House/Hardcore/Post-Punk/Goth/Industrial]

This is not a drill. The South American darkness duo Morgve​ have put out an LP that's rather hard to read:   テロ42Ø (yeah, good luck) through the label Phantasma Disques.

It's a noisy blend of witch house, acid house, hardcore and just enough splashes of 80s post-punk to give it a Sonic Youth-ish feel not usually found within this sub-culture.

Below is my favorite track off the record- 'Adam's Raise'. If it sparks interest I definitely recommend you click on the following link to check out the whole record through PD's bandcamp.