Tuesday, December 27, 2016

/SPCL/Weapon Of The Day: CZ P-10 C [Sick Pistol]

Came across this baby on Facebook. Not to say I'm a big fan of weapons. But I'm not a fan of not having a weapon (if you know what I'm saying). If you're going to own one, you want to own a reliable, safe and effective pistol that is capable of shooting hollowpoints (so when you're drunkenly hugging your gun it doesn't go off and shoot into the downstairs neighbors crib (this is based on a true story)).

 Looking into this firearm I see it being held, regularly, against the 4th generation glock 19 to great effect. Czech company CZ (you try pronouncing their name) combats Austria's Glock flagship product in every single way possible with a cheaper price, ambidextrous support, more round capacity, bigger trigger space and this is not even taking into account the kind of horrors you can put the weapon through and still be able to fire this bitch into whatever is in your way. I would list more things but then then there'd be no point of me having uploaded the video above courtesy of CZ's facebook page.