Sunday, July 9, 2017

/SPCL/ Are People Mad At Laci Green or Jealous Of Chris Ray Gun?

I would have placed the idea of someone as cute and busty as Laci Green dating Chris Ray Gun in the category of 'Okay, we definitely have to do some research on that'. But after about 2 seconds of googling I've come to the point that this is, sadly, true. So let me be the first to answer the question I posed in the title: yes, I am very jealous.

Whether Laci Green is open to dialogue with Youtube's sect of social justice critics is neither here or there. Neither is whether the aforementioned group are willing to put up humility in arguments that can lead to an understanding between such opposing sides. I am too old to partake in this. What the issue, for me, is how Chris Ray Gun was able to infiltrate his way into Laci Green's DM and convince her he is anything but a 15 year old boy. ( I also ask why I don't have his subscriber base, seeing how I make better arguments than he does).

I suppose I shouldn't be that angry. I, myself, have been the mistake of plenty of girls and women who, in retrospect, probably didn't understand how ugly and hollow a person I was upon meeting me and how much they could've probably nabbed that 6'2" tatted blonde male with blue eyes and a South African accent had they set their minds to it. Confidence is key, ladies.

Also Laci Green is probably setting the example for other women everywhere to look past a sexual candidate's physical appearance and first-impressions because I am sure that if we look past Ray Gun's loudness there exists a warm honey of an individual that loves nothing more than singing Greenday covers. And there is nothing better than playing the acoustic guitar.