Tuesday, August 15, 2017

/SPCL/NEWS/ Charlottesville 2017: The Bad Sequel to 1930s Germany That Nobody Asked For

The dangers of Socialism? The idiology of white supremacy? Violence is bad you guys? Stale statements about things that should have been left in the 20th century where they belong. This is one of those situations where the original movie was enough and we didn't need to see another. All it does is prove my point that western civilisation has, sort of, collectively run its hipster phase to its ideological end. This is kind of like those people in 50s clothes dancing to jazz in the Facebook videos except instead of 50s clothes its almost a century old European symbolism and instead of dancing it's people getting knocked out on camera. World Star Hip Hop should think about a sister website, but I get 15%.

The events that unfolded at Charlottesville (am I even spelling it right?) couldn't have been a bigger shlock of a movie had it been written by Joss Wedon. At least he would have had the decency to throw in a cameo from Ron Pearlman... or maybe the guy that plays Dwight on the Office. Either of them showing up in an improv scene there would make just as much sense as 'Antifascists' attempting to fight grown ass dude bros nazi-saluting on the streets of the U.S. How does that even happen? For what reason? Is the idea that ten nazis (don't quote me on that figure) are going to influence the majority of the country to hunt down all non-whites? Or did you think that Trump would have given them their own State to live in? Never mind the fact that the Third Reich's ideology was in opposition to where 'Western Civilisation' was at that point in the 20th century and, really, that nobody is ever going to take you seriously if you wear Khakis and a Tiki torch. If you insist on going retard you might as well just go full retard. Theatricality goes a long way. I seem to recall pointed head sheets and robes still being in vogue among the Aryan elite. Why not solid brown shirts instead of those ugly polos- dress like you're making a point, not like you need to excuse yourself from the dinner table to take a phone call. Que KKK head-sheet meeting scene from Django Unchained. The government of Virginia was probably in process of sending out a convoy of shortbuses to return the ralliers to their homes where they can further examine 'evidence of racial genetic disperaty' that no one bought even 100 years ago. Good job on the intellectual side of your movement, guys, undoing decades worth of research everywhere.

Which brings me to my next point: Antifa, you're really not doing anyone any favors. If you were then 'where were the police?' wouldn't have been a reoccurring question in the news cycle following Charlottesville. Antifa is like the Sick Puppy shirt wearing female member of the squad that always feels like she needs to stick up for the black girl anytime anyone says anything to her about her hair and in consequence just makes everything awkward. It would have been the same had an army of monkeys catapulting shit everywhere been sent in to counter-protest. This makes for incredibly sad entertainment. I might look into editing footage of this to Vektroid to get back the amount of time I wasted in observing this and taking notes. Avoiding the fact that the divorce of the dictionary definition of the term 'fascism' and Fascism as it existed as a movement in its whole flying right above their heads, even the bigger chunk of Socialists that aren't the Marxist equivalent to Taylor Swift fans are steering away from Antifa with a 10 kilometer pole. Yes, we use the metric system here. This is not to defend Socialism in any sense as I'd rather my closest and dearest friends be suffering from polio than the former- which I will point out is just as outdated a disease, except one hasn't had a vaccine developed for it yet.

'Oh you're a villain, you're full of horseshit, you're just trying to be mean and edgy' and while all of that might or might not be true I am making this an intellectual service, a PSA if you will, to all those that think nothing is more altruistic than doctrines that don't work on paper nor in real life. Put down whatever you're smoking, it's not making you think any any way related to the word sharp. And turn off whatever it is you're listening to while you're at it, it really is just making you a dickhead- just like mom said. This goes out to both sides.

If you're the moderate just watching your country decompose with a certain amount of emotional and mental disconnection then here's an exercise: fetch a map and point out countries that isn't Canada that you'd rather live in for the rest of your life. You're supposed to be to this what online fanboys are to Ghost Busters remakes and you, totally, screwed the pooch. Infact, you didn't just screw the pooch, you dropped the ball so hard destiny had to punish you by turning it into the , now squashed in, head of an innocent gender-fluid Cambodian baby. Good job.