Wednesday, April 18, 2018

/SPCL: My Generation Has to Be Told Smuggling Cocaine Isn't Cool

And I doubt it ever really was. Being rich enough to do cocaine on holiday is cool, not stalloning it. I doubt Quebecan Instagrammer Melina Roberge understood that posing and abusing drugs is what regular people do and trafficking is what desperate people do. The low lyrical quality of Trap music can play games on white people's perceptions.

Pablo Escobar wasn't cool because he smuggled coke across continents, he was cool because he had other people do it for him. Anything goes south and he'd just throw a bomb at the problem. Otherwise he was chilling with the Hippos in his backyard.

I haven't been to Quebec (yet) but it seems like one of those places so removed from the standard O.G. that they need government ads to give them a clue to what up-to-no-good people look like. Isn't Kaytranada from there?

Don't do border runs unless you are too broke to look good and have at least one relative that owns an AK47.