Saturday, May 12, 2018

/SPCL/ Kanye, Trump & Yanderedev Are The Same Kind Of Animal

It's only as I start typing this that I realise my assumption you know (or give half a shits) about Alex Mahan might be a little too enthusiastic. So to effectively inform and educate anyone not in the loop: Alex Mahan is a man two years my elder that is developing a Japanese-style role playing game named Yandere Simulator, 'Yandere' being the media term the Japanese give to psychopathic anime girls on a mission to gain the love and affection of aloof males. Not exactly aimed at achieving GTA-levels of gameplay or anything, Mahan (going by Yanderedev) set out to build his pet-project years ago but never delivered. Stuck lounging on a proverbial hammock and keeping Yandere Simulator in a state of Limbo, it seems that he's more enamored with the enthusiasm of the eager fanbase of otakus willing to watch him play video games every night for 4 hours which is something I'd love to make a living off of too. How he was able to amass such a cult following and sustain it through such a troubled development cycle is beyond my own fathomability seeing how he appears to have the charisma of someone that has never talked to an adult. He's been using Unity and store-bought assets to develop his video game which is like when rappers buy their beats off of Youtube. He's also been exposed to have huge amounts of unorganised and useless code scattered throughout the source of Yandere Simulator, being blamed as the main reason why the game's test versions suffer from buggy performance. This is okay when it is the source to a blog but for a video game it's detrimental to be on-top of your shit. fixing all the issues related to the backend of this game would need returning to the drawing board. This, and his questionable sexual-proclivities (not unlike me), are mainly what keeps him from ever completing his video game and instead grace lolcow archives around the internet.
For the purpose of this article, I'm going split modern mainstream culture into two categories when it comes to the ridicule of the 'bizzarre'. Then, in a college-educated fashion (sponsored by my mom), I will continue to obfuscate the lines between these paradigms. 

The first school of thought is that it is not cool to mock and/or troll those that suffer from strange developmental disorders. This ideal exists because of a long-existing survival tactic called sympathy. Sympathy, as well as being the main reason why we allow awful people to live, is also a component in how we project ourselves to others. Nobody wants to appear to be unsympathetic unless it supersedes the norm or comes at an outweighing disadvantage. So people in my life will continue to tolerate, and maybe even accept you even when you get really drunk and pick fights with really big guys at parties. This social norm works to our advantage.
The second school is less prevalent and is a, now, giant subculture fueled by the beauty that is internet anonymity. Not that this only exists OTI. Here in the Middle East it is custom to beat and mock those that are weird in the case that they are smart and think they can change things for the better- a tradition I might or might not have taken a part of in my days as a youth. Under these conditions it is okay to make the lives of people with questionable mental presence hell providing that they do something to deserve it. The growing list of excuses include the subject being too narcissistic, seeking attention and displaying a large amount of unwarranted self-importance. While these might be things that the overwhelming majority of us do, it is those who have failed in their campaigns that get the proverbial Thor's Hammer. So don't fuck anything up with the people that are looking and you will fly under the radar. Real simple. Do not pursue a career in international drug trafficking. Fuck up and even the person you swap bodily fluids with is going to be ready to walk out. Fuck up badly and there are abundant pockets of people whom bask in nihilistic rage ready to make you unable to take part in the internet for a whole generation. They are doing precisely this with Yanderedev- digging up all instances of him online since 10 years ago and painstakingly combing over private and cringeworthy conversations he's had with team-mates and other developers. This is a scene that will not only point out Alex Mahan's autism but point it out for everyone to see in a way and in the hope of chasing him off the internet for good. Alex Mahan is weathering the storm pretty well, though.

We all fear this but we all take part of these rituals. This is why 'minding your own fucking business' is the foremost ignored advice the elderly give to the rest of society. Even the elderly ignore their own advice proving, once more, that they are just old flabby children. Among the other commandments that we advertise on facebook, but always break, is the one that distinguishes the first group of people. I haven't gone into S.T.E.M. yet so my research will have to be based on my anecdotal research. Which I do not have links to at the moment.

Kanye and Trump Might Have Autism

People will self-hack their own redundantly existing code of showing sympathy if the matter of social class comes into play.  This is a practice dating way back, forever. It has and will haunt the Jews till the end of humanity (which is in the pacific islands). It is also where Kanye West and Donald Trump enter the picture. Not that Donald Trump and Kanye West are jewish and put aside my abhorrence of celebrity culture, critics point out that Kanye West and Donald Trump are actually literally twins. And I can see it. If you contemplate on the picture above you will realise that not only do they share the same essence but, perhaps, even the same soul. So, why is it that the average person can cringe and look away from a person like Alex on the basis that he has a developmental disorder but finds it easy to perform anger towards Kanye? What is it that blindsides us from seeing the loner otaku inside both Kanye and Trump? Sure Trump is a white senior with a legacy and wealth meanwhile Kanye West is of the negro variety (not unlike myself) and is relatively new to the socioeconomic status he enjoys. But both display the lack of self-awareness and social disfunction that shows in their peers. Kanye West goes on long and confusing diatribes about him saving black America while Trump likes to eat pizza with a a cutlery set. Yet, both are people whom the attacks directed towards are defended by the justification that they earned the attention that they had always been seeking even if it comes at this cost. Forgetting that attention seeking can be symptoms of some major psychological disorders (look up T.I.T.S.), why is that justification enough to publicly tear all the previously mentioned new assholes in real time? Maybe even deep time. Trolling is a quantum science.

I have some more theories floating around. And this isn't just the alcohol talking. Hear me out. I think Trump gets shit on so much because of his weight, his tan and his hair. Clearing his skin, losing weight and visiting a barber could do wonders for his approval rating. I have no more to say in this paragraph.

 I think Kanye gets shit on because on a psychosocial level, we cannot, yet, accept a minority wanting access into the upper echelons of Europe's unofficial aristocracy. It's just too ridiculous. He's black. Kanye is too far gone from the, rather limited, Hip Hop scene and to be fairly honest, I think it was always meant for him to do so. Hip Hop is too narrow of a path for a person with the ambitions and lack of social grace that he has. Whether his persona would fit in the dry orifice that is Europe's art culture is also up for debate.

This is the Conclusion

There's something rather strange about Kanye, Trump and Mahan's crossover attempts into the cultures that are way further than the critics insist that they should be aiming for. Maybe we do understand, on a fundamental level, there is something wrong with them but we turn this little voice off. As we go down the income-level the treatment of the three, respectively, becomes more 'inhumane' and more padded with excuses as to why they deserve to be subject to people's mockery. But it is not my place to provide any sort of judgement. Instead, I want to end by saying that there is no full examination of Kanye West on Encyclopedia Dramatica and Trump's page, titled ' The Donald'  has a photoshoped image of Jesus standing behind him. Yanderedev, however, is provided no such mercy.