Thursday, September 13, 2018

/K+/MZK/ Medikul- HOME001 EP (Out via Homemade Music)

Where do I begin trying to figure out what to call this EP? Broken Bass? Future Beats? Ambient Bass? Trip Hop? Ambient Brainfeeder A La Flying Lotus? Its genre-breaking quality is only surpassed by how the music sticks together albeit seemingly made out of off-sync elements. The drums, made out of distinct and recognisable sounds roll together into an unworldly being- not unlike how Flying Lotus would do it but Benjamin takes the time to to make sure even as they surf at a low speed each sound fits in and out where its supposed to be. There's no speed to cover up for the rash and offbeat nature of the drums like in most of Brainfeeder's releases but instead each sound is micromanaged.

The EP might start out with what seems as the most ambitious reach into Medikul's trickbook and while the other few tracks carry on the make up of non-sync drums with a frosting of touchy-feely melodies and vocal harmonies, things only become more lush and melodic as he begins to unwind techniques and influences. You can definitely hear some Bjork and DJrum influences on the second track 'Notes', Burial-era dubstep on the third and Boards of Canada on the forth. That's not to say it goes from being ambient to being harsh, on the contrary, it keeps its laid back attitude throughout the record and yet your attention is never let go of. Artificial-sounding instruments are rarely heard. This is sound engineering at it's finest. From Downtempo, glitch to dubstep and future garage, Homemade Music (nottingham-based) has put out something truly exquisite (despite its slow and short-timed nature). It might not be for those who are uninterested in the technical wankery and lack of spontaneous 'fuego' energy behind most of this kind of memory music but for those, like me, who grew up on Ninjatune- this will feed that hunger that you didn't even know that you had for heartfelt outsider music.