Wednesday, December 26, 2018

/MZK/ Deadcrow- III - Album Review (Wave/Witch House/ Dark Trap/Dubstep)

Deadcrow...Either a really cool or really cliche nod to the 90s Fetish era that may or may not mentally conjure an image of the late Brandon Lee in a trenchcoat... depending on which way you want to look at it. This music however doesn't really start or end around 90s goth but it's soul might as well be rooted there- the same with all Wave music, really, which tends to feel like how kids looked at Sega as the cooler SNES during the days when white people were still relatively happy. You can look at Wave not so much as a type of Synthwave but its cooler younger relative.

The euro-sound pack is all here, the retro 90s synths, the goa-acid arpeggios, the thumpy filtered drums straight out of dubstep, the deep basslines, the shuffly hats- all organised a la 010s post-witch house half-beat at mid-tempo speeds. Well, Mid-tempo is a stretch but these days anything south of 160 BPM is mid-tempo. This album can get pretty loud. Like 808-and-Nightmares loud but, for the most part, it stays around Wave music loud. A comfortable, tight and Rhythmic kind of loud that harkens to 008 era EDM.

While the dubstep-ishness of this album is what makes it appealing (it seems that most wave-producers such as Brothel. and Da Vosk Docta emphasise their distance from Dubstep by way of subdued drums and short timing), Dreadcrow's semi-casual reliance on the dubstep formula can also hold back the make up of the tracks. Experimentation is limited in order to make the tracks more suitable for a DJ to throw into a set, which is a good or bad thing, depending on where you come from. The uniformity of these tracks, while great for cohesion, limits how emotive the tracks could have been but thankfully the short run-time of the release helps points out what's good about this album. Not to mention the intro, outro and last two tracks on the album help push and diversify the pace on the thing.

It's not everyday you come across a good, solid and whole Wave-music release. Especially one that is honest as to where it comes from, even though it could technically make it sound just a tiny bit dated. But I think as time goes on Deadcrow's III album can hold up as an ode to EDM-era music as well as a solut to goth-dance subculture, one that works in and out of a dance-floor.