Monday, January 21, 2019

/SPCL/NEWS/ Cauc Murican Kids Probably Shouldn't Be Laughing At An Old Native

I only say 'Probably' because I don't know if I would have done any differently in that position. But you can tail that to the many years of 8chan I was exposed to as a teenager. I am nearing 30 now (Ikr?) and I am way more aware of the kind of the global wypipo bullshit I need to feed into or risk being sent to Sudan where I might have nothing to do but take a page out of my dad's book and sell bread on the black market. This is something I don't want to happen, obviously. An American teenager does not need to think about being sent to Africa. Actually, I'd argue a white teenager in Africa would possibly have a better advantage over the society than he/she would in America. My Ivorian friend says I would probably get all the pussy where he's from and even be talked to with respect by the police on the basis that my skin color is closer to white people's. Let alone if I were actually white in Africa.Think about that for a bit: Will Smith is basically white in the Ivory Coast. But all this is beside the point.

This is just more a testament to the amount of privilege C.Americans get away with if we think about it. The MAGA movement is, in large part, moving troll and racist culture out of the internet dungeons and out into AFK spaces where people can actually see your face. Who else can get away with just making white news media more money by being absolutely ignorant? That's being said even if they didn't ask for a Native American to come up to them. How do I even begin to process this? The video that is the main talking point of  the webs right shows a group of off-duty Anti-abortion Catholic School students in town (Washington D.C.) laughing at an old Native American at the Lincoln Memorial. In the backdrop should also be Black Hebrew Israelites- a very western subculture made of Angry and confused African 'Muricans trying to culturally appropriate Jewishness. It's these very confused black folk that were originally instigating a very heated confrontation with the MAGA kids. Very little is talked about and shown in regards to these brothers because the news media isn't going to air black people that have tried to read world history books. This is why Kanye West is allowed to talk about history with very a large amount of coverage- nobody has to worry about Kanye West making sense or dropping insightful information on anyone because he can't read. It's safe to say that Americans have lost their minds. They have white MAGA kids traveling across states to the capital to protest women's rights at a time when the president is, literally, holding the country hostage. Talk about a priority problem.