Friday, September 20, 2019

/NWS/ Can African Leaders Jump Another President?

World, none of this talk about Justin Trudeau being racist surprises me. I say this as an African who's visa to Canada has been denied twice even though I have more commas in my bank account than the average Canadian citizen (sans Chinese). You know how racist your government has to be to deny visas to an African person WITH money? For all we know the whole of Canada knew of all the blackfaces their cracker-ass president has put on over the years. There is probably more that we don't know about. He might be doing it on Canadian television right now. Any person from there that I've talked to doesn't seem too shook about it, that's all I'm saying.

The question is: now what? This isn't something we can just forget about like it's an especially unfunny joke on Bill Maher. This is serious shit. The kind of shit that people get stabbed over. Now that Africa is Nu-Africa and all Canada is good for is telling us to hit the streets, we might have some reservations about how we want our leaders to handle dealing with this man.  I'd imagine our leaders are in a pickle. I know, for sure, that Hamdok is because he's the current Prime Minister of Sudan which is the most wokest African country (recognise). No matter how big the aid package to Sudan is, you kind of can't let it go that this white-boy is a serial black-face offender. An African leader needs to put on whiteface in the very least if not a full out war. We'd definitely lose but it's the statement that matters. The Chinese would never do this to us. They're smarter than that. I wouldn't be surprised if we see the Chinese president stepping up to claim that he'd never do anything to disrespect the black diaspora. Although this, of course, would be a lie because there's no racism like Chinese racism.