Wednesday, May 6, 2020

/NEWS/ Discount Coup Failed in Venezuela: Who Should Be Embarrassed?

See now, this is the kind of bullshit regular people have to go through all year around. I don't think there's a more apt way of defining global working class than to have C.Americans trying to fuck your government while he/she already has his/her dick own your throat. I'm no philosopher but this might just be the essence of the Western way. And I'm not being hyperbolic, even during a financially and socially tumultuous decade when you'd think the U.S. and Russia would be minding their own business and trying to get their shit together- here they are doing the exact opposite. Since 2010 the U.S. and best friend Russia have been publicly known to be involved in at least 4 coups in developing countries. And my count says there have been at least 35 internationally so who knows how many of those the mang let some bills loose from their wallets for. Goons, guns and armor don't buy themselves ya know.

Which brings us to this: How embarrassing. And I don't mean embarrassing to the mercenaries caught, the American people or even the Trump administration. This should be embarrassing to President Maduro and the Venezuelan government for taking over a year to capture, what has to be, the most incompetent paramilitary force ever sent to undermine a country's regime. Maduro now has to explain why it took his military so long to squash a small gang of white men when they were within Venezuelan borders tweeting about it like they were on Spring Break. This is a mess.

We are only a few months away from Trump announcing to all that his term in office has been nothing more than a social experiment he's orchestrated to film the most elaborate Youtube video of all time and there is nothing anyone, let alone Maduro, can say to prove that he is wrong. I don't think there is a big of a prank as having your nemesis pay their bodygaurd plus sixty Florida men to come all the way to your country just to bother you during a pandemic and this is a reality the Venezuelan president is currently looking at.