Thursday, May 21, 2020

/SPCL/NEWS/ Ruby Rose Was Probably Fired For Hating The Shit Out Of Her Job

Ruby Rose "Batwoman" Casting Controversy | Know Your Meme

I missed out on watching the first season of Batwoman despite it popping up on my radar and me having a thing for conventionally attractive women that sport themselves in a manner so traditionally masculine. Come to later find out this series had the edgy 21st century radfem sensibility to market itself as 'not made for old white men'. Call me stupid but as far as I can tell teenagers and 20-something year old lefties don't watch anything that isn't on Youtube, if anything at all. I'd argue that they, generally, might not even know how to read let alone the headlines they made with their campaign.

Someone should fire the marketing expert that thinks it's a good idea to try and make money off the type of people that do nothing but spend hours on twitter angry about shit like other people making money, further making twitter money. I'm quite un-sure what demographic this show was supposed to capture but this strategy doesn't seem to be boding so well. To try and research I checked out some of the clips on Youtube and, well:

If you're as media-savvy as I am then you must have noticed this show reeks of a vibe between Nickelodeon Sitcoms and Grey's Anatomy: two things someone out there is trying to crossbreed. Not to mention that it looks like the show was shot on a budget of an Onlyfans subscription. Batwoman might have made more money if they had developed it as a bedroom cam-girl show. I'm just saying, Warner.

Ruby Rose looks so checked out that I'd place her second to Jennifer Lawrence in the latest two X-Men films in terms of visibly not giving two shits whether she gets fired form the job or not. Or maybe she just can't act and never has been able to. Which would make a lot of sense. I've come to learn her longest run in an acting job was comprised of a 9-episode arch on a television show about women in prison years ago. That and her role in the second John Wick film might have convinced Hollywood they could market her as the star of her own tv-show. But keep in mind that anyone can look like a great actor when the biggest one they have had to contend with is Keanu Reeves. It's not like Rose doesn't have all the reasons to hate the role and want to be out seeing how she was almost injured and paralysed on the job. That says all there is to say about the gig, really. I bet she never received adequate compensation and her hazard pay was awful. Imagine trying to get by on your general aura and non-existent acting skills only to have to end up going through a Bruce Lee. I'd want to return to making appearances on Paul Anderson movies too. 

Batwoman TV show trailer starring Ruby Rose is here!

I looked at the numbers and things don't look good. It seems that, consistently, Batwoman and its sister DC Series Supergirl were among the lowest viewed shows during that night's whole schedule being beaten out by things I've never heard of such as Beverly Hills Dog, and a cartoon we all agreed that nobody watched after its first 10 seasons: The Simpsons. I'd be embarrassed if I were the television execs that green-lit all that risque fan-alienating marketing on Batwoman only to be outshined by a re-play of the ancient motion-picture Mission Impossible and end up physically torturing my main star to the point she leaves the show. I wouldn't just be embarrassed, I'd be on Linked-in looking to see if the Twitch staff had any positions open. If they keep their jobs then it goes to show that Warner spends so little money on this show that it's not even worth changing crew just to optimise.

I'm usually an expert on leaving jobs and I have a feeling this case is not too different from my last job- she took the appropriate action of asking for more money for the job and they realised the show has so little viewers nobody would notice or care if they just swapped her out with another actor. Which is both an excellent business decision and an indication of how much of this is show is just some sort of quick money-making scheme. They needed to swap cast since at this rate of accidents and long work hours who ever plays Batwoman might end up looking like the original dude version of Batman once the show reaches its third season at which point it will be difficult to distinguish who's playing who between them and Robert Pattinson.

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