Wednesday, July 29, 2020

/MZK VID/NEWS/ Female Trap Song Insults Islam- So Why On Earth Would You Do Something like that?

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This might be me showing my age but during my youth it was unanimously accepted that publicly disrespecting Islam was asking for a death sentence. I remember being at a Buffalo's Ranch cleaning up some lemon wings at the tender age of 24 when the news broke on television that some extremists shot up a French magazine for publishing some anti-muslim cartoons years prior- resulting in years worth of failed attacks leading up to the aforementioned incident (this dedication and persistence is something you should keep in mind).This is only one in a series of incidents involving people being murdered, attacked or mutilated for violating muslim blasphemy laws over the last 20 years.

I don't want to be a downer I'm only stating what has happened in the past, even if it reads like islam is the most violent thing on earth, as someone born into it and resides in the Middle East- the majority of muslims aren't really going to be taking a trip with semi-automatic rifles to exact vengeance in the name of Allah. A small side of that majority might go as far as to pay lip service, hoping the infidels die and whatnot, but that's as far as it goes. It's only the people on the very very edge of the muslim community that were ready before anything like that popped off.  For some reason, the Ahmeds and Faisals on the other side of the map are a different breed. I don't know what makes them so visibly angry and militant as opposed to the ones here but I bet you it has something to do with growing up around white people. We actively mock people that do the beards and the beanies- they don't get invited to any of the parties. They ruin every Tekken gathering they show up to, also. They're few in-between but they're there.

Correct me if I'm wrong, five years ago wasn't long ago enough for two hoodrats to completely miss that these people out there, they're still angry, they're still armed and taking a trip to Syria to be a part of the Caliphate is no longer in the Pipeline. 

Nor do I think it's worth putting your life on the line over a track that is the furthest thing away from a potential hit. This song is absolutely horrendous. The video, a low budget affair depicts our dual rappers, one likely to be a stripper and her plus-sized partner doing things you're definitely not supposed to do on prayer rugs.  I might not be the best at religion but I listen to enough trap to know that even Gucci Mane is very unlikely approach this lack of talent with a deal- this is trash bro.

"muslims are so fucking mean, it makes me wanna scream (ahhh) you ain't even know your own deen"??? These are not lyrics worth putting one's life on the line over.

These ladies are unlikely to be able to generate enough revenue to be able to afford the security that will most likely be needed now that this video is going viral. I really wish there was a way leaders of the black community can gather together to create a clout-chasing guideline that prohibits this sort of fuckery in order to keep incidents and trash songs off the streets. Bless.